Super Mario Creator Wrongly Accused Of Kidnapping Woman

Bombshell Claim: Shigeru Miyamoto, Creator Of Super Mario, Allegedly Plotted Kidnapping Of Woman

Berkeley California – Sarah VanSmelt, a self proclaimed woman’s rights activist, and Japanese linguist may be facing criminal charges in Japan for filing a false police report stating that famed game developer and creator of Super Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto had plotted the kidnapping of a woman.

On January 23rd, 2018 VanSmelt walked into Nakagyo Police department in Kyoto with detailed information she said she obtained from a notebook in the Computer Science Library of Kyoto University. In the police report she identifies Miyamoto as the author of the notebook and that he had “planned to kidnap a helpless woman, strip her of her belongings such as her purse, hat, and parasol, and abandon her at a construction site.”

VanSmelt would go on to describe a potential victim stating that “[Miyamoto] was lusting for a woman pale in skin with reddish orange hair and wearing a long pink and white dress.”

A spokesperson for the police department said VanSmelt became indignant when her allegations were questioned stating it sounded like Pauline from the Donkey Kong franchise, which Miyamoto was equally responsible for.  Hours later VanSmelt left Japan to return to the United States.  It’s unlikely VanSmelt will be extradited to Japan if charges are brought against her.

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