The Real Reason Behind Nintendo Deleting Mario Maker Courses

super mario makerInternal Memo Reveals Mario Maker Server Only Holds 5 Gigs Of Space

Super Mario Maker fans are outraged that Nintendo has been seemingly deleting random courses of the popular game without warning or explanation.  Now a leaked internal memo has revealed the reason why: the server is full.

A copy of the leaked memo revealed that Nintendo engineers did not anticipate that 5 gigs of disk space wouldn’t be enough to hold the world’s demand for course storage.  This is not surprising as Nintendo has a history of disk space related mishaps.  Their 2007 flagship console Wii had an internal flash memory of only 512 megs while rival console the PlayStation 3 launched with an 80 GB HDD.  In 2012 the WiiU shipped with a paltry 8 and 32 GB storage capacity – still a paltry sum considering current generation consoles are shipping with 500 GBs.

While the memo does not propose any solution to the server storage crunch gamers have been relentless criticizing Nintendo over the debacle with the hopes that the Tokyo based company will formally acknowledge the issue, and spend a couple hundred dollars to expand the storage capacity of it’s server.

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