Toys ‘R Us Burns Gamers – Results In #BoycottToysRus

Dying Toy Manufacturer Chooses Not To Live Up To Mistake – Cancels Orders

Yesterday, bankrupt Toys ‘R Us tantalized thousands of gamers who attempted to take advantage of up to 50% of video games.  After processing orders, and sending confirmations, Toys ‘R Us later sent emails stating purchased products were not in stock when in fact the website still shows they are:

It’s uncertain why Toys ‘R Us is choosing to lie to gamers rather than honestly explain they made a mistake and as such #boycottToysRus is starting to trend on Twitter, vowing to let the retailer to continue to commit suicide just in time for the holidays.

Bottom line: If a customer is a man of their word and pays the price that Toys R Us offers, the retailer should honor it.  Is Toys R Us morally bankrupt as well?  It seems so.

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