Trump Addresses Atari Dragster Controversy During SOTU Address

President Praises Condemnation Of Todd Rogers And His Fake Scores

Washington D.C. – The President of the United States, Donald J. Trump opened his State of the Union address by praising first-responders to last years’ disasters then quickly segued into the TwinGalaxies controversy concerning Todd Rogers. Yesterday TwinGalaxies decided to purge Rogers’ long standing Dragster score and to permanently ban him from the score curating website.

“His scores were fake,” said the President. “They were very fake scores.”

While the Dragster controversy has little impact on the American people, some pundits suggested that the boisterous scores were approved and placed in the TwinGalaxies’ database by illegal aliens decades ago.

“If we had the wall decades ago,” said the President, “the scores would have likely not been approved.”

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