Trump Branded PlayStation Dualshock 4 Controllers Offend Gamers

Fundraising Effort To Re-Elect Donald Trump In 2020 Starts With PlayStation Branded Controllers

Washington D.C. – Political candidates have historically used a variety of fundraising methods to help their campaigns. The selling of bumper-stickers, lawn signs, and buttons are expected. But now a PAC is raising funds with a “Re-elect Trump 2020” DualShock4 controller. Licensed controllers typically sell for $59.99 MSRP, but these officially licensed controllers, skinned with the re-elect note are selling for only $20. How can this be? Political analyst Benny Myers explains:

“Our research shows that younger people, particularly the gaming crowd have little to no interest in politics. They are the largest demographic of people in the United States who do not vote. By providing a cheaper but licensed PlayStation controller will entice many of these voters to come out to the polls in 2020 and hopefully vote for Trump.”

Myers goes on to explain that its only because of Trump’s leadership and dedication to the voting-gamer-demographic that allows gamers to buy these controllers for $40 less than their MSRP.  It is uncertain how much the controllers cost to manufacture, but the $20 price tag will likely produce a large enough margin to fund the advertising needs of the PAC.

Not everyone is excited about the new controllers.  Several gamers have anonymously expressed frustration over the controllers stating that they’d prefer “politics stay out of gaming and vice-versa.”

The Re-Elect Trump 2020 controllers will go on sale starting December 1st 2017.

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