TSA To Ban Nintendo Switch Use On All Domestic And International Flights

Washington Insiders Report TSA Will Place A Ban On The Popular Gaming System ‘Very Soon’

Washington D.C. – What could turn out to be a major blow to Japanese video game manufacturer Nintendo, the Transportation Security Administration may crack down on bringing Nintendo Switch consoles on airplanes traveling within and into the United States.

The game console which launched this past March to record sales is popular for its portability among other reasons.  However a leaked report shows that the TSA has been investigating several security breaches involving the system.  Recommendations within the report include banning the Nintendo Switch from being in checked luggage, and for it to not be brought onto planes as a carry on item.  The last time the TSA banned an electronic device was for the Samsung Galaxy 7 which was reported as being a fire hazard.  Flyers who attempted to bring a Galaxy 7 on to a plane had the devices confiscated or have been denied clearance through security gates.

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