TwinGalaxies’ Decision Might Indicate A Sale Is Near

Will TwinGalaxies’ Coming To Terms With It’s Soiled History Result In A Sale?

TwinGalaxies disavowed the Dragster scores of Todd Rogers this morning in a wordy post citing multiple sources of testimony as to why the Dragster score was likely false. In addition to having all of Todd Roger’s scores removed from TwinGalaxies’ database, they also made the decision to give him a lifetime ban.

As noted by TwinGalaxies, their dispute process went into effect in mid 2017, despite the validity of Roger’s scores being brought to the attention of TwinGalaxies for years and the organization not taking action. The initial dispute against Todd was submitted last August, and its not clear why TwinGalaxies, which was considered the authority on the adjudication of video game high scores would take 6 months to conclude the Dragster score was likely false.

If the dragging out of the decision wasn’t already hurting TwinGalaxies’ reputation, the circus atmosphere they created around it seems to have been a textbook publicity stunt designed to drive traffic to the site. Further attention was brought to the charade when reputable tech hobbyist Ben Heck produced a confusing video with Todd Rogers attempting to recreate the 5.51 time in Dragster.

Many gamers have concluded long ago that TwinGalaxies is nothing more than a wet dream of what a real record keeping organization should be like and their recent action on Rogers coupled with another high profile ban and recent forum changes could be a sign that the toxic organization might be up for sale soon. While its been proven and acknowledge that the database is full of bunk scores, there is little value left in the TwinGalaxies other than the name and a faded reference to documentaries like The King of Kong and Chasing Ghost.

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