Twitch’s Social Eating Channel Results In Epic Choking Death

chicken legMan Broadcasts His Death As He Tries To Swallow A Fried Chicken Leg Whole

Twitch recently released the epic popular ‘Social Eating’ channel where by broadcasters can eat in front of live audiences.  But tragedy hit the channel Tuesday night after a popular streamer choked on a chicken leg.

Henry Jamal Taylor showed off a large bucket of chicken to an audience of 60 viewers.  While he picked apart and ate about three pieces of chicken with no problem the audience suddenly got bored with the spectacle.  Then someone in the chat channel suggested that Henry should try swallowing the chicken leg whole.

“It was crazy”, said gamer PeaceMaker89108, “the dude put the chicken leg in his mouth then tilted his head back.  The chicken leg slowly disappeared into this mouth and you could see it’s outline in his throat.”

Viewers stated that Henry started pounding on his chest to get the fried leg to go down, but after about a two minute struggle he was visibly weakened then eventually stopped moving all together shortly there after.  Once his arms dropped to his side and his head drooped to the left the chat channel suddenly erupted in “GG” comments.  “GG” means “good game” and is a congratulatory message viewers traditionally say when a broadcaster completes a game.

Henry lived alone and his body wasn’t discovered until the next morning.  In that time his computer continued to stream his corpse.  At one point in time his channel had as many as 40,000 viewers who hopped on either out of curiosity or to participate in a scheduled giveaway that unfortunately did not happen.

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