Video Game Rating System To Warn Buyers If Game Is Transgender-Friendly

Leaked Memo Shows Possible New ESRB Rating For Transgender Friendly Games

It is rumored that the Electronic Software Ratings Board (ESRB) is reviewing a major change to their video game rating labels which will advise consumers if a video game has positive transgender imagery within the game. Its rumored that several high-profile, triple-A games expected to be released within the next five years will have transgendered characters either as a selectable option or as a main character.

The proposed change will add a new box above the rating and below the suggested age group.  Inside would be a green box with “Trans -” indicating that the game does not feature transgendered characters or positive transgendered imagery.  A pink box with “Trans +” indicates that the game contains an optional transgendered player or positive transgendered imagery.

While some people are happy with the proposed changed, others are disgusted at the suggestion as it could open the door for more for developers to include more transgendered characters in their games.

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