We Think We Know What Game Rare Is Rebooting

wizard and warriors iiSocial media has been buzzing all weekend over the rumors of what Rare will be announcing at this year’s E3.

While most gaming media outlets are predicting another Banjo-Kazooie game, new evidence has surfaced to suggest that Rare has been doing casting calls for the past several months to find mo-cap actors for a reboot of the classic Wizard and Warriors series.

The trilogy of games on the NES are almost three decades old, and along with Wizard and Warriors X on the Game Boy the franchise has been mostly forgotten since.

Over the past several years many gaming companies have been hard pressed for fresh ideas and have been leaning on forgotten IP’s to shake up the marketplace. ¬†Other classics from the same era have been released including Rygar, Splatterhouse, and even RBI Baseball.

Outside of the Nintendo owned franchises such as Donkey Kong Country, Wizard and Warriors is wholly owned by Rare and would avoid the typical licensing red-tape that has slowed production or outright cancelled other games that have unsuccessfully rebooted.

Whatever the game might be we will find out for certain during E3 this year in Los Angeles which starts on June 16th.


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