Will Hustler Magazine Start Publishing Video Games?

adult Analysts believe the adult publishing industry will cash in on video games.

In the past three days several job postings have appeared on a variety of different websites and employment newspapers for what appears to be game programming careers with several adult magazine and video publishers. One such ad read:

“Prominent adult publisher in need of several game programmers.  Must be experienced with Unreal Engine, MMORPGs and motion controls.”

As video games have become more and more realistic in their presentation it makes sense that adult publishers are finally starting to take notice. Although adult video games are nothing new, this appears the be the first time that a company is looking to publish an adult orientated video game as a mainstream product.

While the government doesn’t regulate the content of video games, all publisher are to abide by the ESRB rating system.  For many years the AO or Adults Only designation has been awarded to only a handful of actual titles.  Few of which have ever been published on a traditional game console, and are instead published on the PC market which lacks a middle man such as Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo.

“It was only a matter of time before this would happen”, explains Kristian Charity a 19 year old adult performer who has started in over 512 films, hosts her on webcam service, and has a variety of novelties on the market modeled after her.  “After that law was passed, and you know what law it is I’m referring to, the industry has been drying up here in California.  We’re losing money, and now we’re going to lose even more to these video games.  I have a 3 and a 6 year old, how am I going to take care of them?”



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