Woman Twitch Streams Live Birth To 26000 Viewers

live birthIt’s A Miracle And Thanks For The Sub! – Says New Mom

Pennsylvania mom Andrea Boyardee shocked the gaming world Wednesday night when decided to stream the birth of her baby live on the popular gaming focused site.

“I was already two weeks overdue and I was streaming ‘The Division’ when suddenly my water broke,” explained Andrea.  “Rather than heading to the hospital I updated my stream to ‘Creative’ and pointed my webcam so the audience could see the birth of my baby.”

Within two hours of going into labor Andrea had more than 26,000 viewers in her channel.  Eventually chat became so busy it became impossible to read.  But that didn’t stop Andrea from trying to read chat:

“Eventually I pushed, and the baby came out.  It let out a gentle cry and the chat panel became flooded with “GG” over and over.”

For the uninitiated ‘GG’ means Good Game and is generally stated when someone completes a game while broadcasting on Twitch.


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