North Korea’s Leader “Beats” Missile Command

Kim Jong-un “Beats” Never Ending Arcade Classic On A Single Quarter

The United States Government is scrambling to verify the authenticity of reports leaking out of North Korea that their dictator Kim Jong-un beat the arcade classic game “Missile Command.”

North Korea state media reported the accomplishment early Monday morning but U.S. officials quickly dismissed the report as being “fake news”, but some Washington insiders believe the report to be authentic.

“North Korea does this all the time,” explained a two star general who contacted the Gaming Free Press and who requested anonymity as they were not authorized to speak on the matter.  “Kim Jong-un does hold the Super Mario Bros. speedrun record.  That is an absolute fact.  But to think he beat Missile Command – a game that can’t even be beaten means bad news for the United States.”

North Korea and the United States have been at odds in recent weeks with the dictator promising the total annihilation of America if the United States continues to provok the south east Asian country.  The Trump administration is recommending China to step in and resolve the issue, though this is unlikely this will happen as China has been the sole provider of arcade parts to North Korea since 1981.

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